pear bracelet

YEH!! The Pear series is complete. The final piece is there, the bracelet! It is made to fit me, but with little adjustments and a bigger size it will fit you too. It is made from sterling silver and wraps tightly around the wrist. I still need to make some photo's of my latest finished jewelry on hands and so, to show you how beautifully it fits the body. That will be a little project for this week and I hope I'll have that ready at the end of this hot, sticky, warm, clammy weather that has fallen up on us. But, we'll survive...the airco is running top-speed! ...I can only shiver thinking about what is yet to come...even hotter, sweatier weather :) All this hotness gives me a good excuse to drink lots of iced soy Chai, hhmmmm :)
Another thing I will do this week is add the Cabochon ring and this bracelet to my online store. Further more I'm working on getting the Felt series completed. I want to add some tiny earrings and a nice pendant and maybe a bracelet as well. But I haven't made my mind up about that yet. We'll see... ps - for now, no more 'blogs I like'

19 June 2006


Blogger lisa s said...

great shape... i'm sure it looks even better on....

1:19 AM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

looks fantastic....My e-mail went bust this week for some reason and I lost your e-mail...hum bug...We should definitely get together sometime and do some gallery or museum walking. Where did you learn metal working and jewelry design?

tata for now!

7:30 AM  
Blogger Shari said...


9:59 AM  

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